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Date: 21 Apr 2020 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Alfa South Africa
Source: Alfa South Africa
  • “Storie Alfa Romeo” goes behind the scenes to retrace the 110 years of Alfa Romeo’s history
  • Unpublished anecdotes and archive images of the cars on show at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, Arese
  • Episode 1 begins aboard the brand’s first model, the 1910 24 HP
Great stories are always exciting. They can even bring a sense of security and reassurance: just think about every childhood storytime. A well-told story is like a well-made car, picking you up and getting you going. It allows some escapism of the imagination during these tough times. Alfa Romeo invites fans on a 100-year journey through its history over a series of captivating episodes every week leading up to its birthday.

“Storie Alfa Romeo”: Celebrating 110 years of history
On June 24, 2020, the Alfa Romeo brand will mark a prestigious milestone: the Biscione – as the brand is known in Italy – will celebrate 110 years of technological innovations, sporting successes and unforgettable creations. The “Storie Alfa Romeo” will appeal to Alfa Romeo and motoring enthusiasts alike, the brand praised not only by fans but also by anyone who appreciates beauty, innovation and performance. Intertwined with the best of Italy, the history of Alfa Romeo is an inspiring tale of character, ingenuity, courage and triumph.

Passion at heart: Alfa Romeo tells its story
By using its best-known models and accompanying them with archive images of the cars on show at the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, Arese, “Storie Alfa Romeo” embraces Italian history and society while highlighting the brand's evolution from coachbuilder to motorsport champion and global icon. It focuses on those driven by fascination with the automobile, each episode taking people on an intimate rendezvous with drivers and stars, engineers and designers, celebrities and ordinary fans – all key players in the legend that is Alfa Romeo.

From Milan’s Via Cappuccio to the world
“Storie Alfa Romeo” begins with the first car produced by the company, the 24 HP, designed by Giuseppe Merosi at his home on Milan’s Via Cappuccio, even before the company name A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili – Lombard Automobile Factory, Inc.) was registered in Milan on June 24, 1910. Come discover Alfa Romeo's roots and close ties with London, Bordeaux and Naples, which opened the brand up to the world from the outset. Relive the origins of the racing legend of Alfa Romeo: from its on-track debut in 1911 to its first victory in 1923 in the Targa Florio, when the famed Quadrifoglio was born.
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